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異色な経歴を持つNY在住ジャズ・ピアニスト/コンポーザー、中原美野のデビュー・アルバム。“才色兼備”というだけでなく、その緻密且つ卓越したアレンジ力で話題を集めた彼女が、NYトップクラスのミュージシャンをバンド・メンバーに迎えた渾身作。Yoshino Nakahara – Piano / Chad Lefkowitz-Brown – Tenor Saxophone / Leon Boykins – Upright Bass and Electric Bass / Peter Kronreif – Drums / Recorded by Rozhan Razman at Riro Muzik / Brooklyn, NY, July 3rd, 2014 / Mixed and Mastered by Katsuhiko Naito at Avatar Studios / New York, NY / Assistant Engineer: Yuki Ohnishi / © Copyright – Yoshino Nakahara (888295268097)

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Yoshino Nakahara

Yoshino Nakahara is a multi-talented professional pianist, composer, arranger and bandleader who has performed internationally, and with highly acclaimed musicians such as Gregory Hutchinson, Gilad Hekselman, E.J. Strickland, George Garzone, Lenny Stallworth, Darren Barret, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, Tim Mayer, Kiyoshi Kitagawa, Tivon Pennicott, Nori Shiota, Ken Ota, Hidenobu “KALTA” Otsuki, Hironobu Saito, Miki Hirose, Cesar Joaniquet, Leon Boykins, Jeff Miles and Evan Sherman. She is an accomplished musician and a brilliantly skilled pianist described as having beautiful tone, rich harmonies, incredible rhythmic control and great influence from various musical genres.

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