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Website “ARBAN” Interview Series 【Women In JAZZ/#27】
中原美野 ─会社員からジャズ奏者に転身。東京・NYを舞台に活躍中【Women In JAZZ/#27】
November 25th, 2020

“Sax World” Magazine December 2018 issue
Untitled Medley 現代ジャズ・オーバービュー
“チャド・レフコウィッツ‐ブラウン 公開レッスン|次世代テナー・ヒーロー、演奏者の悩みに答える”

FM京都 @station HATS UP  September 22nd, 2017 On Air 

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“Talkin’ in My Dining Room” コーナー ゲスト出演

The Walker’s vol.49  June 10th, 2017 issue

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Special Feature
Three Wishes of Jazz Musician [Part-3] 【“現代版”ジャズ・ミュージシャン3つの願い[Part–3]】

“Yomitime” April 22nd, 2016 Issue

“Shukan NY Seikatsu” April 16th, 2016 Issue

NY japion  April 15th, 2016 issue

The Walker’s vol.44  CD Introduction/Review – Album “A Ray of Light”



SOUNDFLY #Songwriting Week (July 20th, 2015)

San Diego’s  Jazz 88.3 FM

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Yoshino’s tunes from the Album “A Ray of Light”
On Aired on San Diego’s  Jazz 88.3 FM
See Playlist Archive Here
“E-Funk”, “Composition 1 ~ A Ray of Light ~”, “Jay Street”, “Take Five”, “It ain’t necessarily so”, and “Summertime” aired!!

“Yomitime” July 10th, 2015 Issue

“Shukan NY Seikatsu” July 4th, 2015 Issue

JJazz.Net Special Column “Jazz In New York”  5.1.2015 – 6.5.2015  Every Friday

“New York Times” April 17th, 2014 Issue

“YOMITIME″ March 22nd, 2013 issue

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Translation – Title: Bernie’s Sing Your Heart Out New Talent Showcase at Metropolitan Room Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Flatiron district, the Metropolitan Room, has been chosen as the number one Jazz venue by Timeout New York and New York Magazine. The stylish 115-seater also has a reputation for its delicious cocktails.
This showcase lasts 60-75 minutes, 10 different performers play 1-2 songs and can perform a song per 5 audience members they bring to the show, a very practical system to fill the house. Music industry professionals also attend the event and being signed on the spot is not out of the question. Additionally, participants receive written feedback from these guests and a video of the event, which they can use for promotional purposes in the future.
Yoshino Nakahara who will perform on May 8th is also biting her teeth into the Big Apple. She used to work a stable 9-5 job, but could not give up music which was always a big part of her life. Through the saxophone, she was introduced to jazz and fellow musicians, and finally decided to fulfill her childhood dream as a pianist.’I’m drawn by jazz’s improvisational aspects and I’m constantly working on my craft. What’s great about New York is that not only can you hear first-class musicians performing on a nightly basis, you also get the chance of collaborating with them. I hope the journey I have taken makes my personality come through in the music and that the audience enjoys my originals and arrangements.’ says Nakahara, who plans on recording an album in New York in the near future.(translated by Kenji Herbert)

“Shukan NY Seikatsu”   January 26th, 2013 issue

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Translation – The Jazz Pianist, Ms. Yoshino Nakahara – Switches from being an office worker to a musicianThe Jazz Pianist, Yoshino Nakahara, is a leading musician who was chosen as the “Artist of the Month” at Tomi Jazz. Yoshino’s original tunes and her arrangements of standards are innovative jazz with a mixture of classical and pop. Yoshino performs live in response to requests from variety of jazz venues.Yoshino is raised in Tokyo and started learning classical piano when she was four years old. Since her childhood, she enjoyed playing her favorite pop songs and composing her own music, winning a prize in children’s composition competition twice.  Although she considered pursuing music for her career, in face of opposition from the people around her, and given the competitive nature of the field, she decided to work for a company after graduating Keio University with a law degree.During her days as an office worker, she started saxophone as a hobby and was fascinated by jazz improvisation. Her passion to freely express the music she loves re-emerged.  In 2007, she was accepted to the top music school for jazz, Berklee College of Music, with a scholarship.  Yet her concern to earn her living with music lingered.  A year and a half later, gaining a great confidence by achieving the top sales result in her company, she determined to join the schoolWhile a student, she performed live in Boston and received a “Professional Music Major Achievement Award” at Berklee.  After graduating in 2011, she moved to the hub of the Jazz World, New York.  While she works as a jazz pianist and composer, she also teaches piano and flute.  “Although I struggled with making the career transition, I am now happy that I can express the music I love in the world of Jazz.  From now on, I would like to compose and perform tunes to cheer my listeners.The sound technician, Ryoji Hata, comments on Yoshino’s December 18, 2012 live concert at the Metropolitan Room, “The quartet of Drums, Bass, Guitar, and Piano was well-balanced and was an exceptional performance with high quality in technique, tone, and rhythm. I knew that she had devoted many years to play piano in a moment. Her original tunes were phenomenal considering as a newcomer.  I am looking forward to her future as a musician.”  Yoshino’s day to perform at her dream stage of Blue Note seems to be not too far…(by Maki Takada)

Yoshino Nakahara’s live concert will be held on February 11, Monday, from 11:30pm at the Metropolitan Room (34 West 22nd Street).  Admission fee is $20 with a separate fee for two drinks.  For details, call 212-206-0440 or visit the website, (translated by Jennifer Ijichi)

NY e japion  January 11th, 2013 issue

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Translation – “Japanese Pianist Quartet Live Yoshiko Nakahara”
Yoshino Nakahara Quartet lead by a jazz pianist, Yoshino Nakahara will perform on Monday, January 14th, from 9pm to 10:45pm. She will perform with Guitarist, Jeff Miles, Bassist, Leon Boykins and Drummer, Nahum Corona as “Yoshino Nakahara Quartet”. She plays ten tunes including her original composition “E-Funk”and her arrangement of the Jazz standard “Take Five”. Music Cover will be $10.

Ms. Nakahara has been performing in New York after graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2011.
Location/Reservation: Somethin’Jazz Club 212 E. 52nd St. 3rd Floor  Inquiries:

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